The JAMB registrar Prof. Is-haq Oloyede at a meeting convened in the National Universities Commission recently  commended the Wesley University for their efforts in the development of education for the deaf.

The JAMB Scribe said the Federal Government designated University of Ilorin as the national center for the deaf in Nigeria.

He Urged the NUC and JAMB to collaborate in the development of specialized centers for the deaf in one University in the six geopolitical Zones in the country.

He recommended Wesley University from the south and Al-hikmah from the North for private Universities; and Bayero

University, Kano, University of Maiduguri, University of Calabar, University of Ibadan as well as University of Nigeria, Nsukka to join University of Ilorin as specialized centers for the deaf in Nigerian Universities.

The JAMB registrar also said that the plan of Wesley University to build a specialized campus for the deaf would further alienate the deaf by denying them the opportunity to interact with other students in the University.

He said that the physically challenged such as hearing impairment would be indicated on JAMB forms to enable them adhere to instructions.

The JAMB boss suggested that at least one deaf person should be employed in all ministries and agencies to provide employments for the deaf and physically challenged.

In his remarks, the president of National Association of Deaf people in Nigeria. Alhaji Dogo saka expressed gratitude to the JAMB boss for contributing so much while he was the Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin; He acknowledged the University of Ilorin, Bayero University, Kano and University of Jos for graduating people with hearing impairments.

The President requested Federal Government to provide more State -of- the arts facilities for the education of the deaf and people with hearing impairments and training of more professional interpreters. Alhaji saka said that interpreters should create a robust forum to interact with the deaf community to know the current signs used by the community.

He raised the issue of employment for the people with hearing impairment, saying that graduating people with hearing impairment was not enough, an  avenue should be  provided for employment in ministries, government agencies and other organization.

Alhaji Dogo was full of appreciation to Wesley University in collaboration with the University of Gallaudet Washington, DC for partnering with the National Association of Deaf people in Nigeria.

The Representative of the Wesley University, Khadija Rasheed reiterated her appreciation to the JAMB Registrar Prof. Is-haq Oloyede for his contributions while serving as Vice-Chancellor University of Ilorin.

She said it was disturbing the Nigeria University System could not boast of adequate interpreters for people with hearing Impairment. She therefore other Universities to provide facilities to assist the deaf.

Khadija Rasheed said that a plan by Wesley University to establish a campus for people with hearing impairment. Would not alienate them, but rather provide specialized facilities in communication since language act as communication is the main challenge experienced by people with hearing impairment.

She also suggested that professional interpreter should be available in all JAMB centers to assist people with hearing impairment. Miss Rasheed said University of Ilorin has graduated a number of medical doctors with hearing impairment but gaining employment became a major challenge for them.

Miss Rasheed said Wesley University was collaborating with Gallaudet University, Washington DC to provide a platform for people with hearing disability to further their education.

She said the two mentioned Universities were ready to partner with the NUC and JAMB in providing specialized facilities for people with hearing impairments in the  Nigerian University System.

Miss Khadija Rasheed acknowledged and appreciated the JAMB registrar Professor    Is-haq Oloyede and the NUC Executive Secretary Prof. Abubakar Adamu Rasheed for their strides in the development of higher education sector, saying that the duo were bringing the necessary innovations necessary for global competitiveness.

Responding on behalf of the Executive Secretary NUC, Mrs Hadiza Abdulrahman Deputy Director, Undergraduate Accreditation pledged that NUC would assist in every way within its capacity to improve the education of people with hearing impairment in Nigeria University System.

She also said NUC accepted to collaborate with JAMB to achieve the vision and goals of Wesley University and Gallaudet University in the development of Education for people with hearing disability in Nigeria.

The Deputy Director expressed gratitude to participants of the meeting for their contributions, adding that a meeting with the Minister of State for Education would be arranged shortly to discuss further on the matter.