The Deputy Executive Secretary (DES), Academics, National Universities Commission (NUC), Dr. Suleiman Babatunde Ramon-Yusuf has bowed out of the National Universities Commission (NUC), after successfully transferring his services to the Veterinary Department of the  University of Abuja to continue as an academic. 

At a brief ceremony hosted by his colleagues and staff  of the NUC at the Commission’s Idris Abdulkadir Auditorium, Abuja, the Executive Secretary, Prof. Adamu Abubakar Rasheed, mni, MFR, FNAL, in his remarks, said he was glad to be present at the send-forth programme because of his respect for the person of Dr. Ramon-Yusuf. He described the former DES as a nice, very good, committed, disciplined and an extremely intelligent man, who NUC sees as great pillar and a strategic adviser. He added that the celebrant was someone not difficult to understand when you draw close to him, as he always wanted the right things to be done in the right way.

He explained that the outgoing DES was like a goalkeeper in his own right for the Commission and a world class one which NUC had lost, both as a ‘goalkeeper and striker’. He also described him also as a no nonsense man, who does not compromise, saying NUC would miss his direct services but would gain from him indirectly since he was still in the system now as an external member of the Strategy Advisory Committee (SRADVCOM).  He said as human beings there would always be times for agreement and disagreement, reminding the celebrant that the fact that nearly all the Directors were available at the event was a testimony of the respect they all accord him. He noted that Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was one man that was a repository of knowledge that concerned NUC in general whether within or outside of the NUS-wide activity.

He particularly recounted that the DES Academics was a crusader of e-learning system and symbolized that in NUC and even beyond the shores of Nigeria with his vast knowledge of ICT. He stated that the relationship between NUC and the University of London on Open Distance and E-learning platform was facilitated by him. He said the NUC appreciated the services rendered by him in the course of his duties and would continue to call on people like him into the services of the Commission.   

In his remarks, the Deputy Executive Secretary, Administration (NUC), Mr. Chris Maiyaki   said Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf was leaving NUC as a fulfilled man. He recalled that he came in from the Nigerian University System (NUS) and applied himself fully throughput his trajectory of service at the NUC and the system. He stated that if there was any institutional authority to look back on, Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was one to focus on with pride. He said life was such that no could control as the DES was incidentally finding himself back to where he started it all.    

He noted that time would not allow him to catalogue the several achievements of Dr. Ramon-Yusuf, pointing out however, that he had lived a very productive and impactful life and work ethics in the NUC and NUS. He said he drew so many inspirations and the lessons of consistency, saying that anyone who had known him could revere him as someone who was [passionate and disciplined with his works. He said the former Deputy Executive Secretary, Academics, was never economical with his candour both at the management meetings and in the discharge of his assignments within the NUS as a courageous officer.

He said Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was not lacking in purpose and strength of character and was one with qualitative service and very particular about no one undermining the role of NUC in the NUS. He said jocularly that the fear of the DES was the beginning of wisdom as even beyond the shores of the Commission that he left functionality and a qualitative service.

He said Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was just changing roles momentarily “like footballers,” to University of Abuja and prayed for good health and wished him well as he moves to continue his career. 

In a goodwill message, NUC Director, Academic Planning (DAP), Dr. Noel Saliu, recounted his first journey with the former DES Academics, as far back as 1976, as a form one student in Government Secondary School Okene, and endeared him as a friend since then before their parts crossed once more in the Commission.

He said the celebrant as a student then, he visualized as a genius, with knack for neatness and much disciplined student, which he had carried up till date. 

Similarly the Directors of: Establishment of Private Universities (DEPU), Mrs. Constance Goddy-Nnadi; Accreditation (DA), Dr. Mrs. Maryam Sali; Executive Secretary’s Office (DESO), Mr. John Mairafi; and former DES Administration, Mr. Akingbode Agbaoye,  would be remembered for his wise strands, influence on the job, hard work, teachable abilities, commitment and integrity, to the delivery of his duties.   

Many others that spoke, including the Deputy Director, e-learning in the Directorate of Open Distance and E-learning (DODel), Mrs. Hadiza Ramallan, unanimously described him as someone very smart, tough and yet frank and straightforward no matter whose ox is gored. They all prayed for his good health and God’s protection as he leaves the Commission.

In his response, the former DES Academics, who was visibly overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions, thanked the staff for their generosity and considering it appropriate to celebrate his little efforts in the NUC, praying that the goodwill they had shown him will continue to follow them in their own time.

He recalled that God had helped him work with Prof Rasheed who was a humane man and made impressions that influenced him to become changed considerably and more tolerant of people.    

Dr. Ramon-Yusuf described his journey as very good and pleasant with fond memories that could hardly be erased, acknowledging that God had also been kind to him. He said he was only moving back to his original calling as a teacher and urged all staff of the Commission to carry themselves high as NUC was an extremely reputable and descent oragnisation to work for.