Director’s Profile

Mrs Imoroa, Director, DIM
Director's Proflie
Mrs. Lydia Tani Kims Imoroa is a graduate of French from the University of Jos and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, obtained from the University of Abuja. She joined the services of the National Universities Commission in October 1993 as a Protocol Officer II and has served in various Directorates and Divisions of the Commission such as the Office of the Executive Secretary, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Corporate Services, Public Affairs, and Inspection and Monitoring. She rose through the ranks to become a Deputy Director in January 2014, and subsequently the Acting Director, Directorate of Inspection and Monitoring in July 2020.

Mrs. Imoroa is happily married and blessed with children.

To be the arrow head of the Commission in its quest to enthrone and promote a culture of quality in teaching and learning in Nigerian universities for the purpose of producing globally competitive entrepreneurial graduates who are relevant to national development.
To ensure (through scrupulous inspection and regular monitoring) that Nigerian universities comply with all the provisions of the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards and other quality assurance guidelines that government may lay down.
Mandate &Functions
The Mandate is to monitor and evaluate the compliance of Nigerian Universities with extant Laws, policies and regulations in areas of Academic Brief, Physical Master Plan implementation, University Law, Institutional Management and Governance as well as any other matter relevant to the orderly development and quality assurance in the NUS.


(1)        Review of Provisional Licences of Private Universities;

(2)       Conduct Post-Accreditation Monitoring Visits;

(3)       Carry out Inspection and Monitoring of Affiliate Institutions/Supervisory roles of Parent Universities;

(4)       Carry out Institutional Audit (Fact finding) Visits;

(5)       Conduct Post-Matriculation Inspection and Monitoring Visits;

(6)       Carry out Routine Inspection and Monitoring;

(7)       Collaborate with other Technical Directorates in the Commission and external Agencies.

Directorate’s Divisions

Federal Universities Inspection & Monitoring Division

The Division is headed by Mr Patrick Egbe Ukah (Deputy Director)

State Universities Inspection & Monitoring Division

The Division is headed by Mr. Theophilus Ogbor (Deputy Director)

Private Universities Inspection & Monitoring Division

The Division is headed by Mrs. Alissabatu Balogun (Deputy Director)