Director’s Profile

Dr A Kumo
Director's Profile
A holder of a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry (1987), Master of Science in Biochemistry (1990) and a Doctorate in Biochemistry with bias in Biochemical Toxicology (2000) from University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Dr. Noel Biodun Saliu started his working career in June, 1990 as a Research Officer II at the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.  The NUC is a Quality Assurance Agency responsible for the orderly development of university education in Nigeria.

Dr. Saliu’s working experience in NUC cut across different positions of responsibilities as Research Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Inspections and Monitoring Officer and Research and Innovation Officer.  He has successfully accomplished different assignments in the Commission ranging from Commission-wide duties to special projects.  He was the Officer in charge of EEC (now EU) projects based in Nigerian Universities where there had to be constant liaison with the development partner and the Universities.  The success recorded in these projects (seventeen of them) engendered the confidence of his superiors to entrust sensitive jobs to him, which were accomplished very successfully. He was awarded the Departmental Best Worker of the year of NUC Department of Research and Postgraduate Development in 1995. He actively participated in the monitoring and evaluation of World Bank assisted $120 million Federal Universities Development Sector Adjustment Operation in 20 Nigerian Universities that participated.

In 2004, Dr. Saliu played a prominent role as member and Secretary of the Task Force that was saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the review of curriculum of programmes taught in Nigerian Universities.  The review process involved a needs assessment survey of the labour market on Nigerian graduates in order to address their weaknesses in the curriculum.  It also involved the development of entrepreneurial studies curriculum for Nigerian universities.

As a quality assurance expert, Dr. Saliu coordinated programme and institutional accreditation in the Nigerian University System since 2011 as a Deputy Director in the Quality Assurance Department of the National Universities Commission.  He is adept in the development and review of accreditation (programme and Institutional) instrument as he coordinated from inception the introduction of institutional accreditation in the Nigerian University Accreditation System. As the Director, Inspection and Monitoring in 2013, he was in-charge of post-accreditation monitoring.   His knowledge in quality assurance resulted in his redeployment to the Department of Quality Assurance in 2014 where he is the Director to date.  He is a member of the African Union-European Union Partnership initiative, Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA) Technical Working Group and has served as resource person in many Quality Assurance Conference and Workshop. He is also the Vice-President of the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN). He has served as Rapporteur General for many years for the International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Africa (ICQAHEA)

Dr. N.B. Saliu is very proficient in the use of the computer, which informed his appointment as one of the assessors of the NUC-UNESCO Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa HIV/AIDS education for basic and higher education teachers and teacher trainers.  In addition to serving as UNESCO consultants on several occasions, his experience with UNESCO includes desk officer for the Nigeria-UNESCO Science Reformation project and the UNESCO project on mainstreaming HIV/AIDS education into the Faculties of Science and Engineering Curriculum in Nigerian Universities.  He was also the Anchorman for the publication Nigerian Universities Inaugural Lectures Series – a serial that has wide readership within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Dr. Saliu is a member of the Nigerian National Council on Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention as well as that on Chemical Weapons. It was in this capacity that he presented one of the country papers on Capacity Building on Biosafety and Biosecurity at the 2008 Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention (BTWC) meeting of experts in Geneva, Switzerland.  He is also a member of the Governing Council of Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin and the Governing Board of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC). He has on a number of occasions participated in the review of Environmental Impact Assessment reports of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria and had attended many conferences, workshops and seminars.

to be a more effective and efficient coordinator of the development and review of minimum standards/benchmarks towards enhancing the production of globally competitive graduates in the Nigerian University System.
to coordinate the setting/review of minimum standards/benchmarks for academic programmes andto develop policies and programmes towards ensuring the orderly development and quality of university education in Nigeria as well as enhancing its relevance to national development and global competitiveness.
Mandate & Functions
  • The Department of Academic Standards is a product of the recent restructuring in the NUC. It emerged out of the severance of the old Division of Facilities and Infrastructure Planning and Development and the Resource Verification Unit of the Programme Planning Division
    It is pertinent to note that the reorganisation has not markedly affected the job brief (save for the excision of the resource verification and Facilities and Infrastructure Planning and Development functions) of the Department which clearly remains the hub of the National Universities Commission given its critical functions.
    The Department is made up of the following five Divisions:

    1. Postgraduate Curriculum Development and Planning,
    2. Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Planning,
    3. Resource and Strategic Planning, and
    4. Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme.

    Auditors for regular checking of the accounts of the Commission.

Directorate’s Divisions

Curriculum Development and Planning Division
The Division is headed by Dr (Mrs) Esther Mmeka (Deputy Director)


  1. Arts and Humanities Unit
  2. Science and Engineering Unit
  3. Health Sciences Unit


  1. Coordinating the setting of Postgraduate benchmark minimum academic standards (BMAS) for postgraduate programmes in all Nigerian universities;
  2. Ensuring periodic review of PG BMAS every five years as well as constantly intimating the universities on new curriculum related policy changes and global trends;
  3. Conduct of periodic Needs Assessment of Nigerian graduates with postgraduate qualification at both local and international markets;
  4. Organizing workshops & seminars on curriculum development for the universities as the need arises;
  5. Liaison with relevant government agencies to determine the manpower needs of the nation so as to develop benchmarks and also sensitize universities to establish programmes to meet such needs;
  6. Ensuring compliance by universities with Postgraduate BMAS for the various disciplines;
  7. Ensuring that the Postgraduate BMAS are made available to all departments in all the universities; and
  8. Promoting the evolution of centers of excellence in postgraduate programmes in the universities.
Resource and Strategic Planning Division
Division is headed by Barr. S. S Adejoh


  1. Strategic Planning Unit
  2. Policy Analysis Unit
  3. Annual Review and Statistics Unit


  1. Periodic assessment of high level manpower requirements of the country in conjunction with the appropriate Government agencies;
  2. Collecting and collating data on staff, students and facilities as well as recurrent expenditure in Nigerian universities to ensure compliance with standards and submission of same for inclusion in the NUC data bank;
  3. Preparing Federal universities’ Annual Recurrent Grant request to the Federal Government as input into the NUC Budget preparation process;
  4. Holding the University System Annual Review Meetings with the institutions and analyzing their financial projections and plans;
  5. Analyzing the actual resource utilization costs in the universities;
  6. Evaluating the annual institutional performance against the approved academic plans;
  7. Monitoring the state and development of universities’ libraries;
  8. Supplying information on university education to Government departments, institutions and researchers;
  9. Ensuring periodic review of university funding policies and making appropriate recommendations to the Federal Government.
  10. Promoting the establishment and sustenance of strategic planning culture in the Nigerian University System;
  11. Guiding and coordinating periodic review of University Strategic Plans;
  12. Monitoring the implementation of Institutional Strategic Plans; and
  13. Evaluating and monitoring the implementation of university education policies in Nigeria.
Qualification Framework and Verification Division

Division is headed by Mrs. Justina Emerole (Deputy Director)


  1. Federal Universities Unit
  2. State Universities Unit
  3. Private Universities Unit


  1. Ensuring the establishment of SIWES units in Nigerian Universities;
  2. Liaising with ITF to ensure the implementation of all Federal Government policies on the Scheme;
  3. Vetting and approving Master and Placement lists of students from Universities and forwarding same to ITF;
  4. Reviewing courses approved for SIWES funding in Universities regularly;
  5. Liaising with ITF for the smooth running of SIWES;
  6. Seeking and obtaining professional advice/input from professional bodies on the implementation of the Scheme;
  7. Liaising with private sector organizations such as NNPC, RMRDC, NECA, FMI and MAN to facilitate collaborative efforts between Universities and industries;
  8. Liaising with large, medium and small-scale enterprises for purpose of collaboration for the success of the Scheme; and
  9. Encourage industries to accept students on industrial attachment.
Programme Planning Division

Division is headed by Dr (Mrs). Victoria Pillar (Deputy Director)


  1. Undergraduate Programme Planning Unit
  2. Postgraduate Programme Planning Unit
  3. Resource Verification Unit


  1. Ensuring quality control for all academic programmes in the Universities;
  2. Draw-up guidelines for analysing application for establishment of new academic programmes and/or units;
  3. Processing applications for the establishment of academic programmes and units in the Universities;
  4. Analysing Academic Briefs for master-plan development in the Universities;
  5. Compiling and publishing academic development plans for all Universities;
  6. Liaising with Accreditation Division to facilitate programmes accreditation;
  7. Defining scope and phasing of programmes;
  8. Liaising with JAMB to facilitate admission processes;
  9. Liaising with NYSC to facilitate mobilization of Corps members;
  10. Facilitating the introduction of innovations and new thinking in programmes establishment;
  11. Processing and verifying the establishment of affiliations between Universities and other non-degree awarding institutions; and
  12. Any other duty relating to programmes as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.